Lucky frame

The octagon is considered lucky not only in Japan but also in the East and the West.
repel evil spirits and keep evil spirits away.It is said to have the power to attract good luck from all directions.

As a shelf frame for decorating art and objects, C5.5-S is a combination of this octagonal divination and kumiko technology.
The sides are not closed by boards, but are constructed into octagonal rods.
Using the technology of kumiko, you can feel the beauty of light and shadow by putting together hard chamfered materials as if they were a lump from the beginning.

Regarding the middle board, which is the part where things are placed, by cutting the sides at the same angle as the octagon, we are considering making it completely flat with the octagon bar that cannot be seen from the front.
In the end, the shape of this product will stick to the "octagon-shaped frame" and the other elements will be suppressed and hidden as much as possible to make the decorations stand out.

In addition, the corners do not protrude beautifully, but can be used in layers of shelves by crossing them and sticking them out.
You can stack one size shelf and make it in various sizes, so I think it would be nice if you could enjoy it like a building block and incorporate it as an object in your life.