Kei Kato

phone +818018468136
adress Matudo1591 205,Matsudo city Chiba Prefecture,Japan

Born in Miyagi Prefecture, one of Born in Miyagi Prefecture, one of Japan’ s most beautiful prefectures for the four seasons, he grew up surrounded by nature such as mountains and river,rocks from early age.I am interested in natural forms, and I am especially interested in flowers, which have a mysteriously regular beauty and heal emotions.

When considering the relationship between flowers and people, “ikebana” is famous in Japan, but we are working to develop product that allow ordinary people to incorporate flowers into their lives as they imagine flowers. He is also good at thinking about playful products and spaces that make you feel uplifted or calmed down by giving shape and natural movement to materials.

Graduated from Tohoku University of Art and Design. After researching flowers and decorations in graduate school, he got a job at a acompany in Kyoto that introduced traditional crafts to tha world, and taught students how to make caliber “Kiyomizuyaki” After that, he was involved in the design and production of displays and spaces at a flower shop and in Tokyo, and established ITSUKA after gaining experience.

He mainly exhibits at the Milano Salone and goes out to meet people on his own to get reactions, which he uses in his own activities, while at the same time working to permeate people’ s lives with flowers.

client NOMURA Co.,LTD.

Product type
product design(flower vase,candle stand,furniture,light)
interior design(store interior,Living space renovation)
window display(jewelry shop,interior shop,Bridal related)
graphic design(company logo,like this home page)