Kei Kato is a problem-solving designer who organizes information and calls himself "Image Realizer" because he specializes in providing services that "give shape to your thoughts and ideas.

Giving form to thoughts, which is never an abstract expression, is always a flexible means of thinking about things from all perspectives because it starts from a place where there is no form, and building the deliverables while carefully sharing them with the people involved.

Creating a space, including products and graphics, is a job that affects the hearts and minds of the people who come there.

The discovery and creation of problems and new values through research for this purpose is what creates the one and only originality.
In his case, he takes the time to carefully and analogously incorporate these processes into his designs.

The act of designing is an act of raising and solving a problem.
It is also the power to materialize a future that was previously unimaginable.

In recent years, things have become unstable in every respect, I hope that everyone will have the opportunity to acquire the ability to design as their own power to live in the coming age. Our mission is to make proposals that will help people acquire the ability to design as their own power in the coming age.
We are committed to providing the opportunity for everyone to acquire the ability to design as their own power in the coming age.

We are committed to creating products, interiors, and logos that incorporate technologies and backgrounds that are not yet available to the public, We believe that it is their pleasure, and ours, to hear the thoughts and experiences that each of them has as information, to organize them toward a goal for each of the various situations, and to make a third party happy.

We would like to create a world where people feel joy in confronting problems and thinking for themselves.
We hope to create a world in which people feel joy in confronting problems and thinking for themselves.


・Won Jury's Special Award in OLED Lighting Design Competition 2010

・Aʼ DESIGN AWARD 2023-2024 iron award in the industrial design category


・Interior Design
(We will propose the development of existing and new materials, as well as the effects and experiences that will be brought to the hearts and minds of those who spend time in each space, such as retail stores, flower shops, and renovations.)

・Product Design
(Our first priority is to focus on the expression of the material itself and to solve its biggest problems. Then, let us work together with you to propose new ways of presenting the material itself to the world in the most appropriate applications.)

・Graphic Design
(We offer strategic graphics that make the viewer fall in love with the brand.)

◾️Information we wish to receive prior to your request

・Company name

・Business and product features.
(Do you have a separate concept or story to share?)

・Origin of the company name, etc.

・If you have any images you are interested in, I would like you to share them with us.

・Please let us know if there is anything else you would like to tell us or if you have any concerns.Feel free.

※Please feel free to contact us even if nothing has been decided.


athome magazine
mad city
visual aterier 8


Barista, including serving wagashi and matya at a cafe (Gion, Kyoto)
Teaching Kiyomizu-yaki pottery hand-twisting and painting on Kiyomizu-zaka slope (Kiyomizu, Kyoto)
Flower store staff and delivery person, making arrangements at a flower store (Shinjuku, Tokyo)
(Interior design for a jewelry shop (Shinjuku, Tokyo)
Jewelry store interior design (Ginza, Tokyo)
Window display design for jewelry store (Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka)
Interior design for exhibition (Aoyama, Tokyo)
Space design for hotel and artist collaboration room (Ginza, Tokyo)
milano salone satellite 2022 (Milan, Italy)
milano salone satellite 2023 (Milan, Italy)

You can see a bit of my work at the link below.