What does it mean to use domestic lumber?

What does it mean to have trees in the mountains and forests?

Trees are planted on mountains that cannot be formed by soil alone, and by putting down roots, they become the bones of the mountain and strengthen the soil.
Trees are thinned so that they do not collide with each other and become untouchable.

The mountain itself is like that, and we use the trees from such a mountain in our daily lives.

We want it to remain so forever.
For this reason, we want to think carefully about wood according to its use, and we want to be involved in the growth of the mountains.

Japanese people are working there so that we can continue to appreciate the mountains as objects to which we go to heal our hearts and minds.

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Cross-grafting is a woodworking technique in which the ends of pieces of wood are notched together and joined at right angles to each other.

This method produces a beautiful finish without compromising the strength of the wood.

It is also possible to process the wood in such a way that nails, screws, and other hardware are not visible on the surface, thus preserving the natural texture of the wood.


Octagonal shelves are made of wood processed into an octagonal cross section and joined together using a technique known as "chamfering.

By taking away the faces, the brightness of the light hitting a single piece of material becomes more varied, and at the same time, the appearance and feel of the material becomes more delicate.

The simple square joints were made into octagonal joints to create depressions, which made it possible to accept new materials that are different from the materials that make up the shelf, such as shelves made of the same material only with the faces removed, without the need for a jointing member.